in recovery.

from the long weekend. i keep forgetting what day it is. like today felt like a Thursday and when I realized it was only Wednesday, I decided to leave work at noon. I'm such a slacker. Plus it was the kind of day where one should not be kept inside a stuffy office So I bailed. I came home to happy dogs and nabbed my camera for a couple shots outside.

and then I scrapbooked a little something. then played outside some more. as much as i gripe about the winters in Alaska, the summer makes up for a lot of my winter grumpiness.
The weekend started with rain which was fine by me. It smelled so lovely and fresh. Found a really nice trail near our home (pictured bottom left) that I vow to walk every week.

Now I'm going to bail out on this post 'cause my Piston's lost and I'm in no mood to type now.