oh, he gonna be a soccer playa

Last night was spent putting together T's baby shower invites, Sex in the City and pizza. The girls are all going to the premiere tonight but I'm not one to go to the movies on opening night. I'm more of a weekend matinee type person. I was reluctant hanging out last night since I was pmsing terribly but I'm glad I went. Lot's of laughs. Girl time was good. Felt up T's big preggo belly. The boy was moving around like crazy and it felt so weird. Missed the big Lakers game but caught the highlights when I got home. Yeah D! You know if Detroit makes it though, it's on, right girl? hehe....

Cutting out of work early....again. Will stop by Lulu's because I need want something new. Then to my girl's for a little gossip sesh, then home for a little nappy before the game. Tonight: brewski's, detroit bball, and scrappage with my new goodness from this lady mixed in with Studio Calico leftovers. I'll try and post my layouts too.

1 hour to go until I'm free! Maybe I should attempt getting some work done before I go! ;)
Take care and enjoy your weekend.