a feeling.


Can you believe it's the first day of September? The summer has passed with a blink of an eye and I'm left wondering if I let these months go to waste. The heat has been turned on and that's a sure sign of fall. I even mentioned snow tires to my husband the other day who growled at the thought of snow. I'm gong to miss slipping on my white, now a dirty cream flip flops and leaving the house without a coat, scarf, and mittens. But then I remember that really cute winter coat I saw at the store and now bundling up doesn't seem so bad. :)

I feel a change coming on. Not just with the changing season but within myself. I really, really like this feeling. It's almost a high. I've never been afraid of change and welcome it with open arms, good or bad. But this I feel is going to be positive. I can tell with the butterflies in my stomach that randomly flutter at any moment, to me,  a sign that I'm headed int the right direction.

Since I'm going to be away most of the day and I don't have prints of my photographs yet, I'm going pick a winner tomorrow night for the free print. You'll have another day to leave a comment.

Enjoy your holiday and the first day of September!