and then it was winter.

It snowed today.
Not a whole lot but enough to cover the ground.
Enough to say fall is officially over.
I wanted to be upset, bummed, surprised but it was really quite peaceful watching the first snowfall from my kitchen window while making dinner.
Just wish I was more ready for it.
The snow tires are in the trunk of my car which doesn't do me any good.
Mentally I'm not ready to endure all the darkness. Just not ready to hibernate.
Which has me thinking.
What if I didn't hibernate this winter?
What if I took up snowboarding like I've been wanting to do for like ever.
What if I joined a book club.
What if I ventured out in the snowy forest to take dreamy winter ttv shots.
I just have to remind myself that hibernating is not my only option.
I've got to make the most out of my surroundings and not succumb to the usual winter blues.
welcome winter.