monday monday.

This weekend went by with a blink of an eye. Is Christmas really next week?
I'm just about done with my shopping. Just a few more things that can be purchased online.
I'm pretty late on getting my cards out but they will reach their destinations before Christmas.
Note to self.....get address written in nifty address book purchase years ago instead of keeping torn
bits from envelopes that seem to be everywhere but in said address book...

I'm sure you're curious as to who I've chosen for the print giveaway...
I really hate picking, even randomly and because it's the season of giving, I've decided to include everyone that posted  a comment last week. Some of you may receive a print, most will receive this card:
I'm going to contact each of you for your mailing address here shortly! :)

Thanks for all checking up on me and leaving sweet comments.
Happy Monday (if there is such a thing)