fog lifted.

a lot of you are know the feeling mondays can bring on.  I sent my husband a text durring work I will not repeat on my blog but he called shortly after to say "case of the mondays, huh"
Yes, I was so sickened with the monday blahs. so much so that I was pretty much mute at work most of the day. the only time I enjoyed was my lunch hour where I immediatly exit the building and into my civic for a jaunt around midtown. Today it was barnes & noble...a usual lunch spot. My mood is lifted when I see new issues of regular reads. I quit buying ragmags but will occassional flip through an usweekly for amusement. I'm no fan of jessica simpson but the whole weight gain matter is over the top. after a few magazine purchases, a good cup of strong local coffee and some fresh air, I return to the office more alive and aware. I take on several projects and chat with a coworker about how we have a hard time shopping for tops versus pants and that funny kid doped up after a dentist visit on youtube. Before I know it, it's quittin' time and I'm overjoyed I've survived yet another monday in a small office full of women who all had the same case of the mondays. 
I have to say I loved reading all of your comments on what made your day. It's these good, positive things that allow us to weed through the bad stuff that comes up now and again. It's also these things that make a not-so-great monday worth going through.
I couldn't settle on one winner so I chose two.

I'm a little late, but thought I'd throw my two cents in anyway. - my best girl is asleep in bed -drinking a frozen coffee drink -checking up on all my favorite blogs -waiting for my husband to call......Mary Claire

A 4-mile run on my treadmill. A little crafting. Out to dinner with the whole family for my dad's birthday. :-)....Deana Boston

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Thanks everyone for posting a little piece of your happiness here.