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25 random things.

1. I've always loved Valentines day.
2. I'm normally a pink toe girl but I went darker this time. Doesn't feel like me.
3. I finally got the balls to take a photo in a public place.
4. I hated the movie version of Twilight.
5. I'm pondering the thought of going short with my hair again.
6. I'm crazy into pink right now.
7. I'm  not sure if I'm ready to take the next step in the fertility game.
8. I eat a bowl of rice with salted kim (nori) about 3 or 4 times a week for dinner.
9. I love the smell of my dogs fur on the tops of their heads.
10. I refuse to buy a pair of dansko shoes. Everyone in my office owns several pairs. I'm happy with my dirty Vans.
11. I strongly believe less is more.
12. I buy myself fresh flowers every friday.
13. I once wanted to learn to read tarot.
14. I buy skateboard magazines for inspiration.
15. If money wasn't an object, I would be driving a silver land rover.
16. and taking photos with a hassleblad.
17. Listening to the adam carolla podcast gets me through the workday.
18. I love pajamas. The majority of my wardrobe is sadly, pajamas.
Which brings me to random #19, I love my sleep. I need my 8 hours and I need my soft, clean sheets and favorite blanket.
20. I grind my teeth.
21. Give me coffee and tea but no energy drinks.
22. Sometimes I wish I was more in touch with my korean heritage.
23. I think it's extremely rude to not say thank you.
24. I miss Alice's Antiques here in Anchorage. I always found the best things there.
25. I love the way my little niece says my name.

a little random list is fun to once in awhile.
consider yourself tagged. :)
happy sunday....

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