power shopper.

That I am. I'm not a browser unless it's the bookstore. I know what works for me and what doesn't. I don't shop on the weekends. Only during my lunch hour, that is how I became a power shopper. 1 hour, well more like 45 minutes after parking. Enough time to run through and get what I'm craving for that day.

Today's hunt, jeans and a black pair of chucks. I needed to replace my badly worn vans which I cannot find anywhere. They're old. Chucks are the next best thing.

Checked off the list.

Jeans are a whole different kind of search. Trying to find the right fit for a body shaped like an anjou pear is not an easy task. Banana Repub jeans were awful. They only enhanced my ample thighs. Gap's were so damn long, and these were the "regular fit". Shorts are always too short. I could have gotten them hemmed but they weren't that great looking to begin with. The sales lady was no help. I started in on a pile of promising jeans and she quickly directed me somewhere else saying "the bigger sizes are over here." Thanks. Thanks a lot. When did a size 6 or 8 become "bigger"?

Headed to Nordstroms but I wasn't really looking to pay more than $100 if even that. I just wanted a new pair for the weekend. That's all. Nothing fancy. Nothing to make my ass look like ripe apple. Just a pair I could comfortably wear while trekking around outside with my camera. Ass looking like an apple is a plus but I'd settle for lifted and a rise that could safely secure my little muffin top.

Found: AE Artist jeans. $49.50, perfectly soft and worn. Ass looks decent, rise is perfect and they look great with my new chucks.
All is good. I dismissed these immediately a few weeks ago thinking I would look like a teenager but they're not bad at all.