girl loves...

fridays, of course.
even though I apparently forgot to set the alarm and over-slept.
wasn't late for work though, even had time to stop at starbucks.
eyes are little more puffy than usual but whatevs.
it's friday and nothing is going to bring my mood down.
not even my coworker who called in sick for the umpteenth time.
or the fact that my coffee cake was a little stale.
or my other coworker who was apparently offended by the fact that I didn't want to book or buy
the beaded jewelry she's starting to sell.
I'm really getting tired of all these different "parties". I don't mind supporting some one
if I like the product but I don't wear a watch let alone a big beaded one.
I don't wear Cabi clothes or don't think that Pampered Chef is any better then the kitchen stuff
I buy at a local retailer.
I hope I'm not offending you if you do sell any of these items.
But I don't like some one trying to sell me something I'm just not into.
I always kindly pass the first time I'm asked but when I'm constantly nagged, I get agitated.
hmph. guess this subject has put a slight damper in my day.
well, that's done now.
onto what else this girl is loving right now.

new blue shirt that hides ye ol muffin top.

These design posts...
I'm loving bright white walls with pops of bright color. Thinking of all the rooms upstairs in my home.
Desire to Inspire....LOVE how she displays her old camera collection.
Made by Girl
Black Eiffel

Digi Scrapping. I know! I once vowed to never do digi. I'm a devoted paper girl but I'm so in love
with this digi scrapper....
Chelsea Parsons

This farewell post bring tears to my eyes especially knowing that my sweet friend is nearing the end.
Sharon Montrose Photography

Chalkboard art. I must have one of these.

This mantra...

This photographer. So unconventional and fun. I would book him in a heartbeat if I could afford to.

Dahlias. These beauties have jumped to number one in my favs. Peonies are now a close second.

lastly, this girl loves readers. :)
Leave me some love and I'll choose a winner for the dahlia print above.

have a great one!