girls alive, just non responsive.

I am here.
listening to a yeah yeah yeah's playlist via Pandora which is turning out pretty sweet
wearing a shirt that hides bloated muffin top
drinking her second grande latte
clock watching
fall loving
working on some new things for le shoppe. update will be Monday, the 21st.
watched this last night
thought it was ok, had some funny parts that made me spit up my diet coke. bill hadar, in my opinion, was the best part, kirsten stewart not so much. Her ticks and constant hair play bother me. she always seems so nervous and awkward, it's uncomfortable to watch.

highly anticipated the season finale of TB this past Sunday.
(photo from
I had to make the evening special by making a big pot of jambalaya for dinner. I was going to get a bottle of red but wasn't in the drinking mood.
did you all notice miss harris's cameo?
I have to admit I was slightly disappointed only because one, there wasn't enough Eric and two, there won't be any more TB until next year. boo.

happy humpday,