girl loves friday.

We Alaskans are busy stimulating the economy this week...or paying bills off like myself.
PFD's were released yesterday. Anchorage is usually bustling this time of year which is why I
will be staying out of any shopping center and Costco this weekend. I hate combat shopping.
Not enjoyable what-so-ever. Well...I may have to hit the new Target us southsiders recently acquired. :)

onto girl loves.

non-practical shoes.
I have a bit of a shoe obsession. Not that I have a massive amount like some women I know. I keep it practical and only really buy a pair of vampy heels for the company Christmas party as I do not live a glamorous lifestyle like those featured on the Garance blog. All I can do is admire these beauties. Funny, it's not really my style but they're femme and fun and red. I also have a fashion goal of owning a pair of Louboutins. Mark my words.

looking forward to this.
because he is my very favorite photographer.

pretty excited about my calendar debut.
some of the images that will be in the calendar.
hopefully it will be in production by the beginning of next week.

Also looking forward to the release of Studio Calico's Home Front line which will only be available at your local scrapbook store. Please email me at if you are in Alaska and would like to know how you can get your hands of some of this goodness.

enjoy the weekend.