girl is alive and well.

last week was sort of a blur, most of which was spent in bed.
but just as I predicted, rejuvenation did occur in the most fabulous way.
I joked with my husband that I was like the wolverine and would heal within a day or 2. so not true but I think I got off pretty easy with my cold lasting less than a week.
Halloween was quiet for us considering the man and I were both still recovering. We spent then night watching season one of True Blood and Jeepers Creepers 2 which was freaky. Trick or Treat was probably the best scary movie I've seen this Halloween season.
I felt pretty damn good Sunday morning and with the extra hour gained, I accomplished a helluva lot.
My main mission was to sanitize the house and air it out. Felt so much better at the end of the day when my home was in order and smelling fresh. It's a calming feeling and certainly welcoming after a yucky week of constant sneezing and coughing.
so let's catch up a bit.
I went ahead and updated my Studio Calicogallery with my newest layouts but here are my favs.
102309 002
Looks like the main kit and street fair add on is still available in the shop.
I will be updating the lifelovepaper shop throughout the week with new prints and holiday goods.
I also just got a proof of my 2009 calendar and I think you're going to like it! I had them printed on heavy pearl cardstock and I'm so glad I did. It gives the polaroid image such great dimension. The calendar will measure 5x7 on 12 separate cards, unbound. I'll show options on how to display later this week.
As far as the holidays go, I will have some greeting cards as well as a "girl loves holiday" limited edition pack. Some what similar to the "girl loves fall" pack. Fun stuff.

And can you believe it the start of polaroid week! so excited! I only wish film was more readily available but don't we all wish for that? hmph.

constructed my december daily over the weekend as well. 
may title it something else just to be different. 

ah monday....I can't hate on you today. I'm just thankful I'm 100% again. Maybe even better.