girl loves friday!

A few things this fabulous friday.
First, I will be headed to CHA next weekend! Woohoo! I'm so glad I get to travel outside of AK, even if it's just for a few days.
Second, I'm still pondering my camera choices. I know I said I was going with the 5D but after many, many hours of research, I may opt for the 7D. I'm still undecided at this point. Any 7D users reading this? If so, speak up. I'd like to know what your opinion is.
Third, I think I may have booked my first paying photoshoot which would be a wedding. I haven't given an answer yet. Weddings were never in my game plan BUT I would be a fool to turn down an opportunity like this. What if after doing this wedding, it ends up being my specialty? One never knows until one tries.
Those 3 things are on my mind right now. Exciting times. The new year is starting out to be a very promising one.
A few photos before I sign off.

010910 069
092509 097b 
Anthologyrs New Anthology line from Studio Calico! I also added in some things from the upcoming February kit along with other bits from past kits.

Enjoy your weekend,