you are done yet?

I know, I're probably inundated with CHA photos and news. I got it.
I'm just about done myself and this should be my last post on the subject.

Here are some not so great polaroids that I was able to sneak in during CHA. **note, lighting inside the convention center was horrid for mr land. hence, the yellow tint of the polaroids**
4323649267_a66c515ebb_oPretty fascinated by the white paper sculpture outside of the "no photo zone" Anna Griffin booth. Jamaica took an awesome photo with her Instax dubbed the "yeti".  I was a tad jealous and not want an yeti of my own. Maybe after I pay off the Mark II I just purchased. I did enter a chance to win one here.
from tallest to shortest, Jamaica, Jen & Vee. Half of my Dare girls. A little bummed that we didn't get a photo of all of us. What kind of photo documenter am I?
4324385834_240163ba4e_o 4323650095_ddff465e73_oI'm not a knitter. I have about 4 semi finished scarves and 1 baby bootie. Yes, 1, not a pair. But after seeing the Lions Brand display as well as the new line from Stitch N' Bitch creator, Debbie Stoller not to mention the excitement Jen had after seeing said yarn made me want to pick up a pair of needles and knit something. 
4323649187_55d6286a09_o Luggage display at the Tim Holtz booth.
4324386202_a3458da340_o American Crafts Markers. 
That's the end of my journey to Anaheim!