girl loves friday and backtracks on previous post.


It's that time again.
Ah yes, friday.
Tonight i will have my hands full with both my niece and nephew and my mouth full of Moose's Tooth pizza. The best in my opinion. Jeff also wants to watch that movie, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs with the kids. I'm thinking they're still too young to sit through a whole movie but my husband thinks otherwise. We'll see.

On the subject of my previous post.
I thought about it afterwords and realized I sounded like the type of photographer I loathed. The one who is so stuck on the logistics of photography. What's proper, the perfect exposure. The person who has every gadget there's to be had in the world of photography. The one who poo poo's the onset of fresh new, everyday photography and looks down at the scrapbooker turned photographer.
That's not me and I think I could have stated my message in a more humble manor.
There are times where I'll post something I may regret saying. But that's the beauty of blogging your opinions.
 The comments and emails I received afterwords where all positive but there was one that stuck in my mind because it was spot on.
I'm surprised that it irritates you, because you clearly have different potential clients.  They will certainly not convince people looking for artistic work to come to them with that title.  In fact, I think it's good for you, because it sounds like what it is.
It's nice to hear this type of honesty and constructive criticism on my previous point of view.
Reason #97 on why I love blogging.  :)

Onto girl loves.

color on a cold parisian day. (found via The Satorialist)

a uber romantic city hall wedding. (found via A Cup Of Jo)
 My 25 Biggest Mistakespost on the Two Photogs blog.
My interview on the Little Red Suitcase blog.
The little red suitcase banner

 this little munchkin. always & forever.
20100306_1143wt 20100306_1147wt
simple, stunning layoutsvia Paislee Press.

words of wisdom worn around your wrist via Kate Spade. (inscription reads HAVE COURAGE) i do love a bangle.

don't forget.....Studio Calico sneaks go live tomorrow night!  I should have some sneaks posted by Monday.

Lastly, I've got some new TTV and Polaroid products in the works. Hopefully I'll have the shop updated in another week.

Enjoy the weekend!