girl's risotto recipe

Zoto Zoto2

The only thing I actually measure is the Arborio rice. Everything else is sort of thrown in.

Pour a box of good chicken stock in a sauce pan and keep it to a simmer.
Finely chopping 1 large shallot. (you can also use an onion but I didn't have one)
Saute in a generous pat of butter and a little olive oil for about a minute.
Add 1 cup arborio rice. (I actually add a tiny bit more)
Saute for a couple of minutes on medium heat.
Add a few glugs of white wine. Maybe about 1/4 cup. Stir until the rice has absorbed the wine. (you can omit this but I always keep a bottle in my fridge for recipes that call for wine)
Add a pinch of salt, pepper and dried thyme.
Add 2 ladles of the simmering chicken stock to the rice.
Stir, stir, stir.
This is something you can't just walk away from. It needs your undivided attention.
Add another 2 ladles of stock when the rice has absorbed the previous 2 ladles.
Continue on stirring and adding until your stock is gone.
Your rice should be thick and creamy and slightly al dente.
Add a handful of frozen peas and some asparagus (which I blanched quickly beforehand), a generous handful of parmesan cheese and some more black pepper.

Scoop yourself a bowl, sit back, relax and enjoy.

***I don't always make big dinners every night. Sometimes it's just a bowl of cereal for what I like to call "survive on your own" night. I like making this dish on Sunday afternoons when I've finished cleaning the house and all my other "to dos". Turn on a movie or a show I've dvr'd and have a little me time. My husband actually likes this as well but it's more of an appetizer than a meal for him. :)

Happy Thursday!