girl craves friday.

wiping my hands clean of this week. it was sort of dull. at least the warm sun made it's appearance here in Alaska. we're all happy about that. i am looking forward to my visit to the greenhouse this weekend to pick up some lovelies. i love strolling around with my wagon and hand picking blooms. so relaxing and worth the long winter.

because i spend a ton of time on google reader, today's friday post will be what blogs this girls loves the most.

these I have filed under my inspire file:

Dispatch From LA. I really enjoy her notebook collages. It reminds me of the way I use to scrap.
June Craft. I look forward to her desktop downloads for my work computer.
Karen Russel.
Paper + Cup.
Simplesong random inspiration.
Sandra Juto.
Daily Imprint.

my daily reads: (the blogs I head to first)
Garance Dore
The Satorialist
The Image is Found, Personal Blog
Cake Wrecks. This one always gives me a good laugh.
A Cup fo Jo.
Pioneer Woman. Funny, witty and awesome recipes.

food blogs:
Sprouted Kitchen. Beautiful food photography.
Smitten Kitchen.

photography: (I have a ton book marked but I list my very favs)
Michelle Moore.
Erin Vey
Caroline Tran

Eye Candy.
Ali Edwards.
The Good Life I'm so happy to JP blogging again!
Waters Five.

my girls.
The whole SC gang which is on the sidebar there>>>>
Jamaica Makes
Creative Blessing
Hey Jen Renee

I've got a ton more but these are the one's I keep up with the most. Hopefully there's a few in there that are new to you. I'm always excited when I come across a new blog.

Glad you all understood where I was coming from in yesterday's post. I enjoyed a Nachos Bel Grande from Taco Bell without any guilt. Because the bean get what the beans wants....for now. :)

Happy mom's day to all you special ladies out there. Hope the weather is beautiful where ever you are.
Happy weekend,