10 things.

1. Microwave bacon isn't half bad.
2. I've got a bit of a chip on my shoulder this morning for no particular reason other than being tired and not wanting to get out of bed.
3. I'm addicted to June's kit. Pretty much all of my faves from CHA.

4613601457_5e296a5435_o 4613601461_3a56c6cfa1_o4. I will probably never go back to the Glacier Brewhouse to eat again after yet another bad service. I can just recreate their delicious blue cheese salad. 
5. It was a nice weekend to go to the market. I got my bag of mini cinnamon donuts. 
6. I feel like the only thing that will get me through this day is my Band Of Horses Pandora mix and making said blue cheese salad. 
7. I've got 3 mini book covers made but no pages. 
8. I added the movie Eastern Promises to my top ten.
9. I want to go home and scrap and take a nap.
10. People are starting to talk around my office wondering if I'm pregnant. I'm to the point where I can suck in my gut anymore. 

That's all.