weekend scrappies.

well...more like Friday night scrappies. I didn't get much else done this weekend since I was hardly at home.
It's nice to have busy weekends and outings but my home is still a wreck since I do all my cleaning on Sundays. Oh well. Can't let life go by just because your house is a mess.

6a00d8341c10ec53ef0133f181d918970b-200pi yeah, a blurry mess. 
this week's dare is about mail art.
just head over to the Dares blog so you can view Jen's as well. 

want to try something new with FabRips? 
head over to the Studio Calico blog to see how to bind a mini using them.

20100619_5223 another wonky photograph. 
something I did for Joy's BOLD challenge, also on the Studio Calico blog.
You can see a close up here.
Saturday: a yummy lunch at SushiYa with my girls. I feel like I'm always saying "we gotta go eat" everytime I'm out. We were headed to my nephew's 10th birthday party at the roller rink and I HAD to eat. No sushi for me though. I opted for the bento box with bulgogi and tempura veggies. It was quite tasty.
I wasn't going to skate at first but after a few laps walking with Reagan while she skated, I had to throw on a pair. I use to skate at this roller rink as a teenager and it brought back some crazy memories. It was really fun although I didn't skate for long. I didn't want to over do it. I pretty much crashed on the couch when I got home.

Sunday: met up with the girls again and ran a few errands before heading to a small carnival in town. Reagan had carnival on the brain so she was quite pleased when the ferris wheel was visible. My brother showed up just in time to meet us right from his fishing trip. I was happy to see him spend the day with his kids on Father's day. I just adore observing him with his daughter.

35926_1408821994518_1651518818_992785_3284959_n he's in there somewhere. I swear getting a picture of him is like getting a picture of big foot....rare moments I tell ya.

35926_1408821954517_1651518818_992784_7018930_nThe little guy was not happy at all so all so I didn't get many photos of him. I think he's still a little too young to handle the excitement of fair rides. 
monday isn't going too bad so far. could be because I'm out of here at noon for a long over-due hair cut and some "me time". :)