girl loves friday.

Such great responses to yesterday's post.
I was surprised to read how many of you kept your hobby a "secret".
I get it though. It's not something that usually comes up in conversation.
It's usually my family or a friend who knows I scrapbook who spill the beans.
I use to just change the subject right away but lately, I've just come clean.
I scrapbook, big deal.
Some perk up and are genuinely interested. Some, not so much.
Here's what makes the "not so much" responses worth accepting

1. When my husband picks up a layout and says, "that's cool, I love that photo" or talks about what I've journaled. He's my biggest cheerleader and is always the first to bring it up to people. He even raids my scraproom to make me Valentines day and Birthday cards for me. 
2. When my father ask me to put together a scrapbook of all this treasured photos of his dear friend who passed away tragically a few years back. I was honored to use my love and skills to create a keepsake for him.
3. When my niece was snooping around in my scraproom while I was getting ready to take her out. She runs to my bedroom holding a page I had just finished with her photo and yells, "that's me!". Her excitement was pure joy and it gave me such pleasure, I can't even tell you.

onto girl loves, which is just one today.

Scrapbooking, naturally. Anything to do with pretty paper, colorful paints, & wonky sewing. I love it all.
Some sneaks for Studio Calico's July kit and add ons.

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Be sure to check out the reveal Sunday night! Miss Vee is the GDT this month!

Have a happy, fabulous, summery weekend folks. We all deserve it.