girl loves friday.

17wksme at 6am in the restroom at work. excuse my bedhead and tired eyes.
friday, friday, friday. finally.
I'm so ready for this long weekend.
I'm looking forward to getting my SC box today or tomorrow.
I'm looking forward to having the kiddos stay over tonight.
I'm looking forward to lasagna bolognese tonight.
I'm looking forward to bbq, fireworks & cherry pie in the valley.

onto girl loves.

I'm currently dress hunting for my brother's upcoming wedding. This doesn't seem to be an easy task when your belly is growing. Thinking I should tap into the whole maternity clothing thing because I have yet to find something dubbed "maternity" that I truly like to wear. I don't want to do the cinched below the boob dress and I refuse to wear the what I like to call the teepee dress, which is so incredibly shapeless. I would love to wear something like this black number from the new Stella McCartney line. (found)
This spider which I would love to put into the nursery. (found
This super cute rubber stamp. I do miss wood mounted rubber. (found)

I've been seeing this print all over the web this week and although I love the piece, I'm tucking it away in my "future layout" file.  (found)


You all have a safe 4th of July weekend!