girl loves friday.

tv talk.
I did not like the season finale of The City.
Vee and I both agreed Lafayette's message to Tara on last week's episode of TBwould make a good ringtone.
I'm behind on the Hills so I don't know what's going on. I do know that it's time for the Hills to retire.
Top Chef DC. I can make a better minestrone soup.
Real Housewives of NJ. This is soooo my guilty pleasure at the moment. Although I do not condone the act of pulling out one's weave, I still enjoyed watching it.
Fantasy Factory. There's not one episode that goes by where I'm not laughing so hard my cheeks hurt and I"m out of breath.
As annoying as BethF is (I can't stand how she talks over people and repeats herself) I still like watching another woman coping with the ups and downs of pregnancy. God do I wish Anchorage had baby stores like NYC has.
What else am I programming in my dvr? The Baby Story and Bring Home Baby on TLC. I'm trying to prepare myself. I'm also a fan of Sara's Homeon HGTV. Not sure if it's her Canadian accent, her happy assistant or just the combination of both that draws me in but I'm hooked.

My weekend?
Picking up little miss sweet thang after work for a sleepover which will probably be the last for awhile since our home will be torn to bits with all the planned purging of unwanted, unused, and unnecessary items. Garage sale to follow. AND I'm so excited about this flooring! I cannot wait until Jeff rips the peel n stick flooring from our kitchen, the 80's beige carpet in the living room and the white linoleum in our entry way. Weird combo and one I'm glad to see go.
BBQ at inlaws.
Origami was my genius idea to make 1000 paper cranes for my brother's wedding. should be fun get-together with the girls.

enough babble.
onto girl loves.

I want. I want. I want.
Wood camera tape dispenser. How insanely cool. (Parcel Post)

wow. (The Bride's Cafe)

This lovely dish. (The Sequined Shoe) I just love Kara's handwriting.


happy weekend! t