girl loves friday.

I have nothing exciting or out of the ordinary to report to you today. Pretty dull Friday if you ask me.
But it's still a Friday and to that I give a quiet hooray.
I'm pondering the thought of leaving early form work to get find another dress for my brother's wedding. I'm just not happy with the 2 I've purchased from Target. The cheapo I am, I'm not willing to spend $$$ on a dress I will only wear once. Because that's what I do. I buy a dress, wear it, hang it, forget about it.
Does anyone actually care about my narcissism today? No? neither. Let's move on.

girl loves:

this simple, lovely, so me outfit. (found Unruly Things, Brochu Walker) loving the whole collection.


are you kidding me? how friggin cute are these? (found Loveinthemommyhood, Not Martha) this is so going on my "things to do this Holiday" list.


Ashley Meaders website.

happy friday!

p.s. q&a will continue on Monday!