random and a few goals.

the only layout I was able to completely finish this weekend.

Boy043 so quick I didn't even get a chance to crop it properly. (for stephanie's studio calico blog challenge)
I'd also like to add that this particular ultrasound, our son was being a little stubborn and would not flip over for the tech. He was comfortably resting facing down while his elbows were on his knees.

*a random note. I have found the cure to my marshmallow feet which swelled to an all time high over the weekend. 
Toms (aka ninja shoes) + lot's of water - high sodium foods = normal size feet and ankles. 

I've been seeing some simple goals floating around the blogasphere today. I wonder if my goals differ from my daily to do lists. After putting some thought into this, here's what I've come up with:

1. Simplify EVERYTHING. 
This has been a long time goal of mine. It's not just about purging and organizing. It's about keeping my hectic life down to bare minimums, especially when baby comes. 
2. Be more PRO-ACTIVE with my photography business.
I've been really lazy about this since becoming pregnant. My confidence level sort of sank after the 2 weddings I did but I did get a bit of a boost after my senior session. I know what I want to do, it's a just a matter of doing it. It's also a matter of finances. Photography is not a cheap business.
3. To be the BEST MOM I can be.
I don't remember who said this or where it came from but it always stuck with me. 
Be a parent first and a friend second.
I consider my father to be one my best friends but growing up, he new when to throw down as a parent. I hope that I can find that balance as well.
4. To stick with our 5 YEAR PLAN.
It's actually down to 4 years now. It's to fix our home, sell it, buy a new home and take our first family vacation to Disneyland.