girl loves friday.

oh boy...what a morning so far. (work related)
days like this make me sooo thankful it's friday and that I will have 2 whole days away from here and in my own comfort zone. although home hasn't been too comforting with the whole downstairs torn to bits.
it's all good though. kitchen floors are done and the man is moving onto the living room/entry way.
i'm hoping by next weekend we'll be back to normal and I can start redecorating the walls to match our pretty, updated floors.
then it's time to move onto the nursery! can't wait to see the crib setup.

onto girl loves.

FALLLLLLLL everything.
9151070Denim_4887Webthe dark hair, sunglasses, orange scarf, beige turtleneck, denim skirt, pale legs and a well loved Louie V.

persimmons & porcelain inspo board via snippet & ink. may I add perfection?


I can see it in an oversized, well-worn flannel shirt & Uggs scrapping in a sun-drenched room. I later sit by the water drinking in the calm scenery while my man chops wood for tonights fire. sigh. I want to be here right this very moment. (Tumblr)


hope you all enjoy and indulge in what's most comforting to you this weekend.