Currents lens 

??listening: Ingrid Michealson
eating: nothing at the moment.
drinking: Nantucket Peach Orange juice.
wearing: you guessed it, skinny gray jeans.
feeling: a little on the grumpy side.
weather: dark, cool.
wanting: a winter coat that I can zip up.
needing: a Tums. love oj but man does it give me acid reflux.
thinking: about my tasks for the day and how much I can accomplish.
enjoying: nothing at the moment. It's too early in the morning to be joyful.
wondering: what errands I need to get done on my lunch hour.

I posted those who are in on my Dare swap this morning. Head over to the blog and check it out. Be sure to email me your mailing address no later than the 24th. My goal is to get swap goodies out by Monday.

Will hopefully have a few November SC sneaks for you this week. As thrilled as I was receiving this kit, I'm having a hard time finishing layouts. I know this is because my scrap-room is a complete disaster right now. I may have mentioned this before but it seriously looks like a room straight out of a Hoarders episode.