girl loves friday.

And cream of wheat of all things.
Had it for the first time yesterday with lot's of skim milk, bananas and brown sugar. Not bad.
Looking for more hearty things to eat in the morning so I'm not looking for more food an hour later.
This seems to do the trick for now...until I crave the next thing.
Anyway, I've hit the 33 week mark today.
Still dealing with sausage fingers, & the inevitable stretch marks. I knew it was bound to happen but whatever.
A little bummed I won't be traveling to NYC to meet up with the ladies this weekend....well...a lot bummed.
Two things I want to do the most right now is camera tote around NYC and do some actually chatting with the ladies rather than email & text back and forth. <insert deep sigh> <also insert kristi below>


Onto girl loves.

The idea of doing a December Daily. Will it happen? I really do hope so, especially with a new little one. My god, I'm scared and thrilled at the same time at the thought of having a new person in my life.

The 20/20 Cure. I'm loving these short little series. 20 minutes of whatever is all I can handle at this point without feeling winded.


Day 10: Today's Truth.

I'm going to shake things up a bit on these truths because that's how I roll. Plus I really can't think of a person who's drifted away that I would want back at this point. There are those who I don't talk with as much as I would liketo but I still consider them apart of my life.

So, today's truth is that I'm effing scared about becoming a mother. I try to play all tough and act like I can handle whatever but it's all a front. I'm scared, nervous, excited, and unsure all at once. I've wanted this for so long but I can't help but feel doubtful about myself as a parent. I've been selfish for so long, doing whatever I pleased with my time. I'm not going to lie...that time will be sorely missed. I'm not scared about the actual birth. I'm frightened of my whole life changing. I'm worried about the postpartum depression. I don't want to become the mom who forgets who she is and nixes everything she's ever loved to pour everything into her child. Will there be balance? How will handle his first day of school? How will handle his first day of daycare? So many questions I suppose will be answered when the time comes.

I am excited about meeting him though. The snuggles, the sweet new baby smell, the smiles, the way he'll look up at me with admiring eyes. At those moments, I'll know what kind of mom I will be and that the selfishness will go away because I will be consumed by him.  

happy friday.