??listening: The Sea and Cake. 
eating: Melon and grapes.
drinking: Water.
wearing: Nothing special.
feeling: very very tired. my eyes are so heavy this a.m.
weather: foggy, icy.
wanting: to snuggle back in bed with my 5 pillows.
needing: haircut. desperately.
thinking: about my upcoming baby shower. hope all goes well.
enjoying: the return of eggnog steamers.  
wondering: how I will ever manage.

Finally started working on the nursery. Pictured above are the only 2 items besides our crib and dresser that we have for our very non-traditional boys room. I really wanted to do something different. I was first inspired by this rug from UO.

UorugI immediatly new this would be the color scheme. 
Jamaica was super kind and made me a quilt based on the rug.
I absolutely adore it. What a talent to be able to quilt.  
My photo really doesn't do it justice.  The backside is one of my favorite fabrics which is the teal/blue woodgrain from Joel Dewberry. LOVE.

For the baby 
The little elephant was given to me by my 3 year old niece. What a sweatheart. She and her mom where reorganizing her room and toys and she came upon the little elephant. She told her mom..."I don't need this anymore, I want to give it to Aunt Tina's baby". It's so soft and snuggly. I can't wait to have our son play with it.
These are the types of gifts I will treasure forever. It's so nice to have such supportive friends and family surround me at such a huge turn in my life.
Even my interweb friends who leave me supportive comments here and make me feel like I'm not crazy for thinking the way I do.
The text messages I get from Vee.
The emails I get from my SC friends.
It's all meaningful and taken to heart.
Thanks to all of you reading and listening.