girl loves friday.

I truly wished yesterday was Friday but alas, another day here at the office.
Plans for the weekend?
Christmas shopping. Yes, I'm starting early because I may not have time after the baby is born.
Scrapping. If you've seen my mojo can you kindly tell him to get back to me? I miss him.
Laundry. The baby clothes & linens just keep on coming.
A little photo editing. Something I've been procrastinating on.
Lunch with a friend. Craving tempura shrimp.
Baking. My parents brought back the freshest vanilla beans from Tahiti and I cannot wait to use them.
Possible pedicure. I've held off because I heard they bring on contractions. My ob laughed when I told her this. She says "get a pedicure".

Onto girl loves.

Our boys name. We finally decided. Tyler Laurence Aszmus. Tyler is a compromise. When I was thinking I was having a girl, I was set on Taylor. When I think of Tyler, I think of a chill, possible snowboarder, creative, open-minded, athlete, cool with the ladies and an all around stand up kind of guy. Laurence is my father in laws name and because this is his first grandchild, I though that would be special to him. And do you know how hard it is to piece together names that go with my last name?

The "Do What You Love" series. (?Pacing the Panic Room)
One of my most favorite blogs and photographers. I really enjoyed reading this series. Hoping one day I'll get there myself. I'm thinking after Mr T is born and the coming of the new year, I will find what it is I truly love. Of course it's photography but that can take me in so many directions and I haven't quite figured out which path to take.

Hand-drawn shower invites. (Paislee Press)
The have to be the most unique and beautifully put together shower invites. I also love the idea of a book shower.


I love when some one actually takes my advice when I say "life is good, there's no need to be down". I sometimes think some people just need to hear this out loud from a friend, especially when you know they have absolutely nothing to complain about. But there are those who just roll their eyes and poopoo my optimism. Whatevs. I'm glad I could help at least one person out today.