4067132253_29f29ea635_o                                              (polaroid sx 70, 600 film)

??listening: to some random mix on Pandora.
eating: a breakfast burrito with salsa.
drinking: peppermint hot chocolate 
wearing: leggings, Uggs, long t, sweater, scarf.
feeling: nervous, scared, excited, not ready.  
weather: COLD.
wanting: for him to wait a few more weeks.
needing: to do some last minute baby shopping.
thinking: REALLY?!
enjoying: the excitement.
wondering: am I going to have a Thanksgiving baby?

OB says it could be anytime.
I was not prepared to hear that yesterday at my check up.
What happened to my December due date?
I had maternity leave plans with work.
I have more laundry to do. Meals to make and freeze. A bathroom to remodel. Christmas shopping!
I know, I can only prepare and plan so much. I hear your thoughts as you're reading this.
I guess I was just really hoping for a baby with a December birthday.
But I don't have any control on when he'll make his fabulous debut.

Other than that, it's a pretty typical Wednesday. Just trying to stay warm!