bits and pieces from the weekend.

20110227_9290 20110227_9286
 20110227_9257text?And with a blink of an eye, the weekend has come and gone.
?So has another Monday, thank goodness.
It's amazing how quickly days go by now.
Funny how I thought time flew pre-baby.
Oh, the things I would tell that girl before she became a mom.

The boy's taking his last nap of the day so I need to get a move on with some chores.
I wanted to thank you all who commented on my new website.
Your input was greatly appreciated & helpful. 
Will probably nix the music for now but may eventually add something later.
And will also just stick to "" and not throw in the photography.
It was good to hear things like linking to my blog which I'm still trying to decide if I want to do. I may be putting together another blog just for photography...who knows. Seems to be too many things for me to take on. I feel like there's too much personal stuff here and I don't want to change that. On one hand, I worry clients may be put off by too much personal info about myself. On the other, why not? What do I have to hide from potential clients? This may be even more of reason to hire me, no?
Speaking of clients, I had my first boudoir session over the weekend and it went really well. I wasn't sure how I would approach this type of photography but I did it the way I wanted and avoided the cheesy shots I've seen around. I couldn't stress "natural, natural, natural" enough to my client when she asked me to do these shots. They came out beautifully and I cannot wait to share them with you later this week. 
Before I say goodnight, I have chosen 2 comments for the give-away which will be a mix of my Polaroid/TTV prints.
?Genevieve & Amy Gomez
Please email me at with your mailing addresses.

Thanks again guys!