bringing currents back.


listening: Sublime, Doin' Time.
-not the biggest Sublime fan but I love this particular song. Makes me think of the hot sun beating down my shoulders, the smell of bbq, and the refreshing taste of a Corona with a wedge of lime.
eating: some cut up honey dew.
drinking: decaf skinny white chocolate mocha.
wearing: Gap straight jeans, black tank, black cardi, my favorite high heeled booties.
-have been wearing loads of black post-baby.
feeling: spiritual. 
weather: sunny and cool.
-although we've had some pretty good weather up here, I'm smart enough to know that this is not the official break up.
wanting: to squeeze an extra few hours out of the day.
-trying to find balance in my life right now. between being a mom, home life, office life, going forth with my own business ventures..I'm finding myself a tad overwhelmed. I'm seeing light at the end of the tunnel though and that keeps me going.
needing: a haircut.
-my bangs are hideous.
thinking: about a long distance online friend.
enjoying: the warmth of the sun I'm feeling through my office window.
wondering: how other working mom's juggle everything and keep their sanity.