Life right now.

In the process of switching my work space with Tyler's nursery. His current room is bigger and contains more space than he needs. I was inspired by the show Love It Or List It. We really can't move now or even next year but we do plan on selling this house in 2013. It's part of my 5 year plan which I came up with 2 years ago. So, for now I plan on loving this place as much as possible. To do that, I'm going to create a family room/work space in the larger bedroom (Tyler's old nursery). Our living room downstairs is some what cramped and wonky and gets really cold in the winter. The huge jagged slate fire place is not safe for Tyler. Doesn't help that he's wildly attracted to it either. Overall, not a suitable play area for the little man. If this room comes together as planned, it'll be a perfect play area for him and for me to chill/create/work. Will it be a Deco8 worthy space? Probably not but I promise myself that I will actually decorate when the move is complete. Tyler desperately needs some visual stimulation on his walls. Right now, it's complete chaos. I have found more stuff for next months garage sale. Yes, we're having another one. Whatever doesn't sell is being donated. IT WILL NOT COME BACK INTO THIS HOUSE. This is our 4th of July weekend so far. Love all this free time. And when I say "free time", I mean time away from the office. Today: finish the transition. bbq. light a few sparklers. chill. enjoy.

Happy 4th everyone. Be safe! xot.