girl loves friday.

Weeks have just flown by. Months actually. Tomorrow the boy will be 8 months. Where did the past 7 go? One part of me wants things to slow down...for him to say this cute, stout cuddly little being. The other cannot wait to see him grow into the great man he is destined to be. Sigh.

Onto girl loves.

I think I've mentioned this before as a love but I'm still enjoying the whole "balance of work/life/baby" series over at A Cup of Jo. It's nice to read about other mothers who have so much on their plates yet still remain a mom first. Not that every mom in the world has their plates full. Overflowing may be a better word. I'm at the point of wondering if it would make me a better mom to cut some of the things I enjoy and that I'm trying to attain out of my life. This was the one thing I feared when I was pregnant with Tyler. I didn't want to give up aspirations and goals only to regret them later in life when Tyler is grown and on his way to college. With his arrival, there were many other things set into motion. Things that I feel would give us a better life in terms of being able to spend more time with him and just being a better person myself. Because I would be doing the things that I've aspired to do my whole life.

These goals I speak of have not been met but they are in the works. That seems to be the hardest part for now. I'm sure this is really only the tip of the iceberg though. I foresee much more labor but it's really all good. It's all a labor of love and I hope to be able to share what I'm working on soon!

Next week I'm going to be re-opening the Life.Love.Paper Etsy shop. You'll see past prints as well as some newer ones. 2012 Polaroid calendar is also in the works and should be available by August 31st. Stay tuned! If you're interested in pre-ordering one as this will be a limited edition, email me at

BTW...if you're in the same position as me with starting your ventures in a creative business, I found a great resource I'm just tapping into called Really motivating and informative stuff.

This weekend to do list: maternity shoot with the beautifully pregnant Nina. family bbq (Tyler meets his great-grandmother on Jeff's side) finish editing Meghan boudoir shoot. complete a project for the lovely Kara. (loving her new site. she is just so beautiful) play with the massive package of goods Jamaica sent me. (aka awesome fabrics and a pinhole Polaroid camera.) clean office/creative/Tyler's play space. laundry. always laundry.

Happy Weekend friends! xot.

Oh, one last bit. I've got several questions I need to attend to and plan on a Q&A blog post next week so if you have anything to add, please feel free to email me or post your question here. :)