drinking: diet rootbeer eating: nothing listening: nirvana/faith no more reading: blog (loving this post by The Shultzes. the video of their son is so enduring) wishing: I would have taken more video on Tyler thinking: of way too many things at once wanting: more time to sew my things that will soon be ready to sell (lifelovebaby coming soon!) needing: food (my stomach is talking to me)

this boy is quite a handful these days. never in one spot for very long. he's been standing up with the help of whatever is near by but last night I witnessed him trying to just stand up with no help. this just completely amazes me. another amazement? he actually says mamma and dadda. not just babbling it but actually associating the two. he gets more attached to the dog everyday. they are seriously buddies. I never doubted Butters would not do well around Tyler but I never expected them to have such a tight bond. it's so cute to witness.

before I sign off, I wanted to let those of you who have contacted me about the 2012 Polaroid calendar that the eta is mid-October.

happy wednesday! xot