Fall is such a short season here. Maybe that's why I appreciate every cool, crisp day and why I find it so inspiring. The changing leaves initiates change in myself and my home. I especially want to redecorate with rich tones. I had my heart set on this Missoni blanket that sold out in a millisecond. I'll just have to find those colors elsewhere because I am not crazy enough to bid on it via Ebay. I'm astonished that there is an influx of Missoni on Ebay. Is that where all the merchandise went? Pisses me off. I want to bake everything pumpkin. I found my next pin to action recipe that I had planned on making tonight but found I was out of butter. Travesty I tell you...that I'm out of butter. I'm never out of butter. I want to craft pretty things. Things I've never desired to craft before. I actually made somewhat of a banner. I plan on making a few more of these and clustering them together to make a chandelier. I can't promise that will actually happen but my intentions are good. I used these notions and the perfect paper to accompany a fall project...Studio Calico's Autumn Press. Add a couple of punches, some thread and a needle and voila. Fall banner. I want to tuck in and watch movie after movie. Jeff and I use to do this pre-Tyler. We're lucky to get 1 movie in and I'm ok with that. I want to wear sweaters and boots. Wait...I want to wear those all year round. It's just more acceptable now. I want to photograph every client in the woods. Aahhh...the amazing fall bokeh is to die for.

So yeah..I'm really into fall right now. Happy Friday!!! xot.

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