a photoless moment.

Saturday: September 17, 2011: 9:15 am Tyler awakens cooing and talking and making funny throat sounds. I open the door to his room and he sits up and bounces in delight. He reaches for me and I pick him up. He embraces me tightly, arms clinging around my shoulders like static. He places his fat cheek in the nook of my neck. My heart beats faster. I feel his heart against my chest, beating with mine. For a brief moment, I thought the image of us together would make a beautiful photograph. I quickly erased that thought and just held onto him tightly. Completely being in that moment and no where else. This was a moment that did not need a photograph. It would be ingrained in my heart and my mind.

I never imagined this kind of love all those years waiting and trying. It is more than anything I've ever felt. Maybe that's why my heart was beating so fast. I was overcome with his love and my love.

Just another Saturday morning.