girl loves friday

As promised, finally after weeks and weeks of's how I add the faux stitching or dotted lines on my layouts:

Simple, right? I love it. Especially because my sewing machine is placed on the dining room table surround by fabric. I guess I'm too lazy to walk downstairs and sew on my layouts now.  That and I scrap when Tyler naps so I'm usually tip-toeing around the house during that time. The sound of a sewing machine would surely rouse my sleeping boy.

This technique was something I picked up from a rubber stamp artist many years ago who created her own beautifully hand stamped faux postage. She used the tracing wheel to add the look of perforated holes. I did recently come upon this technique on Pinterest...I think another scrapbook site had a tutorial on it, can't remember. Not at all claiming this to be my technique but I'm owning it, that's for sure. Perfect way to add lines for journaling and faux stitching of course. I like adding random lines of dots to create another element of design on paper like the photo above.

So that's it. Sorry to keep you suspense! I promise it wasn't on purpose. I have a goal of one day doing an actual video tutorial but it's a little hard to maneuver my camera and show said technique and explain what I'm doing eloquently. Plus I sound all nasaly and I immediately get in my sweats, messy bun, and glasses when I get home. Not a pretty sight

Happy Friday, xot.