a year?

It feels like I just brought my guy home from the hospital just yesterday. I know time goes by too fast but I'm happy to say that I've enjoyed and documented almost everyday of his first year. At a year old, he's walking. Not like walking walking but taking about 5-6 steps. His vocab consists of Dad, Mom, Jesse (our dog), baba (he babbles this a lot) and nini (night night) Clothing size is 18-24 months. His limbs are long and I already foresee the same problem his dad had with clothing. Eats just about anything I make him. Loves Chicken and Peas. Favorite toy is his walker. Has grown very attached to his boo (gray elephant his cousin gave him) Loves watching Sid the Science Kid in the mornings with his dad. Loves his dog. Loves making silly faces and sounds. The boy in him is really shining through. He makes car sounds when he plays with his cars and roars a lot. Our little photoshoot didn't go off as planned but I'm all about improvising and loving the end result of what's really going on. He's not the kid that sits still, even for a brief moment. All he wanted to do was rip apart the felt garland I worked on for 2 days.

He's such an awesome little man. How did I ever get to be so lucky? xot.