currents: first of the year

time: 9:45 am location: kitchen weather: cloudy, 7 degrees listening: tv in the other room (sesame street is on) eating: cream of wheat (me: brown sugar, him: bananas) drinking: coffee (going easy on the creamer lately) wearing: gray flannel polka dot pj's (these are the ones I bought specifically to wear at the hospital after giving birth, still loving them) feeling: not so great. (caught Tyler's cold) wanting: some miracle anitidote that cures colds within a day needing: some proper Kleenex. thinking: about what I'm going to put in my PL for today. (used tissue? empty packets of Emergen-C?) enjoying: home wondering: why does the body have to shut down this. (ohhh so acky.)

Yeah, first cold of the year. Thanks 2012. I shouldn't say that. This is more of the inevitable rather than bad luck. I always seem to catch some kind of virus in December or January. Nice that I get to stay home from work but the other job...the mommy job, doesn't get to call in. My arms always get the achiest when I'm sick and of course Tyler is going through this "pick me up, PICK ME UP NOW" phase which I'm trying to not give into. I actually crashed last night at 9pm. I don't even remember going to bed that early..had to be before Tyler. And you know what? It felt sssooooo good. I should do that more often. In fact, it's going on my list. GET MORE SLEEP. Feel so much better when I'm rested.

I have to say that I've throughly enjoyed all your comments from my last few posts. I'm glad you could enjoy a bit of humor at the expense of me looking silly in my winter gear. :) I also received a lot of request for future blog posts and several questions on some things like the fonts I use. I'm working on the fonts thing today and will have a post up by tomorrow, sound good?

For now...check out the new Effer Dare's Tumblr. Just a little somethin somethin we're doing differently.