girl loves friday

Well...this has certainly been a week to remember with the leaving of the day job and all. February 15th will be my last day sitting behind a desk and doing work that I no longer enjoy. I sit here eating my yogurt, shaking my head at that last sentence. 2/15 seems like forever and until then, I will still do my work as best I can. I vow to not get "short timers" and finish out the remainder of my time being the employee I have been for the past 11 years. No reason to burn bridges, right? Although admittedly, when I get an email that makes me want to scream "!)#@ I'm not dealing with this anymore" I take a deep breath, glance a the calendar and remind myself that it will all be ok. Onto girl loves....

Here we are in the third week of Project Life 2012 and I've hit a wall. I don't want to give up but it's just not striking me as awsomely as my friend's PL's.  Vee's is the layering queen and it all just comes together so well. Then Jed's who makes me want to chuck my 12X12 out the window.

If I were a fashionista blogger, I would want to be like her. Loving this bold contrast of color.

And how about another "make" statement.

Happy Friday! xot.