time: 1:30 pm place: work eating: marble pound cake from Starbucks. (I hate when I get the stale piece) drinking: still working on my venti iced coffee from this morning. watching: my replacemnt do the work I hated to do. reading: blogs wanting: nothing really. thinking: good thoughts. creating: another round of Project Life cards! hoping: it's doesn't snow all night. needing: to create a weekly menu so I'm not running to the store every other day. wishing: it was the 10th already. want to have a virtual party on my last day of work?! :)

It's been harder and harder to get a decent photograph of my boy. He's never in one place at one time so most photographs are blurry or just plain weird. This is what you get today and it's an awkward one. The big coat and the snow covered ground threw him off balance. So this was the only one I snapped before he fell over into the snow. :)