time: 9:28 pm location: couch watching: Bill Cunningham New York on Netfilx eating: nothing yet, wanting a snack drinking: diet root beer wanting: more space needing: more space loving: being inspired by Mr Cunningham creating: a poster for an Illustrator class thinking: of doing a film only project wondering: what's next?

Netfilx has this feature where they pick your favorites...what you would be interested in watching. I thought I'd turn on something as background noise while I got some work done on the laptop after the boy went to bed. I clicked on Bill Cunningham New York and saw the word photographer so naturally, I had to see what it was about. Funny that I've never heard of this man or seen his work.  It's not like I'm picking up a NY Times paper from the newstand on the daily. Needless to say, I got sucked in. I didn't open up my laptop but I did have my notebook open and jotted down a few notes and ideas. Even though I didn't get the work I wanted to get done (not like it was a deadline or anything) I got something more. Inspiration. Not the "oh I"m on Pinterest and feeling inspired". Like, really truly inspired.

Here's this old gentleman, riding his bike on the busy streets of NY with only his camera bag. He shoots film and he shoots fast. And he shoots and shoots and shoots. He doesn't stop. After all these years taking photographs, he still shoots. He worked in advertising and made hats. Served in the Army and wrote. He lives very modestly and smiles a lot. He loves the details of fashion.

I want that for myself. When I'm old and gray, I still want to have my camera ready at all times. I want to tell my grandchildren that I wore many hats. That I never settled just to make do. I want to be passionate for the details, for the moments, for creating pretty things out of paper and through the lens. Hopefully they'll see that through my scrapbooks, sketchbooks, photographs and my blog. (do you think our blogs will be around that long?) I never want to stop. NEVER.

The reasoning for all this is that I've been stuck in a winter blues/creative rut type of mood for a little over a week and I can't stand it. But today, the weather was beautiful and I took Tyler out to feed the ducks by library. The fresh air and sun was intoxicating. Spring will come. I know being buried by snow for almost 6 months has gotten to me, usually does this time of year. I'm glad this yucky feeling is wearing off.

Okay, think I'm ready for that snack.

night night,