another giveaway and a salute to friday

Hey guys.I'm feeling kind of bad about my lack of personality here lately. I'm not about to turn this into a non-stop ad type blog. Maybe it's just that way because I haven't had anything interesting to write about. Sometimes I find it easier, actually most times I find it easier to express myself through photography. So if you're ever interested in what I'm up too, you can find me on Instagram. My handle is lifelovepaper. I don't tweet or facebook but I can Instagram like a nerdy mofo.

Oh, you know what....I do have something to write about. (it's getting dark and eyelids are droopy = getting forgetful, not that that's really an excuse for said forgetfulness)

I was emailed an interesting link this morning. It lead me to a prompt type of blog that has happily copied and used my Currents prompt as her own. Let me just say here and now that I do not own or have Currents copyrighted. How can I? I see it everywhere and that's great! I put it out there so it could be used. Some link back which, kudos to you. YOU TOTALLY GET IT. And others not so much but whatevs, I'm not the linking police. But to outright copy a product that I have produced and currently have for sale in my shop is not ok. REALLY? It pissed me off at first but then I let it go because I'm on to the next project anyhow, still Currents inspired but better. If you feel the need to copy something you saw on the internet because you don't posses the creative ability to produce something of your own, well...I can't stop you. Just know you're shameless and tacky for doing so.

On a positive note, I'm hosting a giveaway on the Studio Calico blog today. Check it out and leave a comment on their blog for a chance to win a set. :)

Lastly, I want to wish all you happy friday!