girl still loves a friday

When I left my M-F office job, I wondered if I would still enjoy Fridays being that I wasn't clocking in everyday. The answer is yes, I still love Fridays very much. Friday still has that good vibe about it. And I still do "clock in" and go about a daily routine that involves taking care of Tyler and getting work done when I can.

Photography season is just around the corner and I'm in the process of giving my business outlook a freshening up. I've got that big even next week that will hopefully bring clients my way. But I'm still not in the market of being that photographer that takes on every shoot that I can get. Last year, I did things a little differently and it really opened my eyes to the business side which I still don't love but it's a must. I'm just going to go about my own way and it worked for me last year. I'm just going to step it up a tad this year. Not looking to be booked every weekend. Just enough to give me that creative release I need. :) I've also pinpointed what I love to shoot most and that's Seniors, children and maternity. I will no longer be doing family or wedding sessions. I find I work wayyyy better in a more calm situation than in a chaotic one.

Back to Friday. It's always nice to know that there's an official end to a week and that a new one is about to begin. I love a fresh start. Here's a few other things I love right now.

VSCO CAM app. -I love their ACR actions and use them quite often when I edit. Now they've released an app for the iPhone. I immediately downloaded it after receiving the email. Plus I just replaces my cracked out 3g phone with the 4s so that makes me even more happy about this app.

Pugly Pixel -She always puts such cool things on her blog and they're either totally free or cost very very little. Lot's of great tutorials too. I  just downloaded her newest frames. I didn't get a chance to fully customize  but still looks great as is.

This font.

Enjoy the weekend!