making it work//creating with a toddler

I remember the days I use to stay up in my craft room + scrapbook for hours on end. Sometimes I would even call in sick from work just to play with my kits. Boy have times changed. You'd think that I would have many more hours to spend playing now that I work from home. Not the case. Add in a rambunctious two year old that has to do whatever mom is doing and this is what we have.

My new "craft room" is our dining room. I only keep essentials on hand. There has been A LOT OF PURGING and because I create in a high traffic area, I continue to purge each month. Containers are my friend. I love the ones Target puts out in the dollar bins. I keep several empty ones on hand while I work with a kit. They're handy for when we use the dining room table for it's oringial purpose. I just throw my stamps, embellishments and smaller bits in a container, pile the paper, throw it in a large bag and put it aside.

Tyler's at that age where he wants to be involved in EVERYTHING I do + I'm happy to accommodate because it's the only way I can create during the day. So I keep his box of crayons, paints + lot's of blank paper on hand. It stays right with my scrapbook supplies. Seems simple but it took a little bit for me to realize having these on hand and having him create with me was the key to making us both happy. Before I would beg him to play or watch a movie so I could do a little something during the day. Mostly I would just wait until he went to bed but that didn't leave any time just to chill and watch a movie with Jeff.

This is how I make it work. Would love to know how you fit scrapbooking in your busy day. Any tips on making the most of your time?

Here are my layouts from the Neverland gallery starting with my personal fave.

Still love working with watercolors and I love that SC created teeny tiny mists. So stinkin' cute.