PL 2014 so far

From the beginning of January. 2014 card designed by Jamaica Makes for Kelly Purkey. The "break tradition" fortune is a png file from the Paislee Press Brightside kit. It really sets the tone for my year.

A bit of an incomplete spread. Need to add some journaling. Mostly Studio Calico bits and pieces for this one.

This was one of my spreads from the Office Hours Studio Calico kit. Truth....I get a little bored with the page protector offerings and these have yet to come in. Until then, I'll experiment more with sewing my own pockets. The idea was inspired by Elise's layout.

Another spread from the Office Hours kit. Love using bits of happy mail in my PL.

The funny thing about my "let it go" postcards and print is that I created it before I saw the Frozen. Letting it go has always been my flaw. I don't do it enough. I'm trying (really hard) though. Of course when I finally did see Frozen, I FELL IN LOVE. I've never loved a Disney movie more than this one. Brave is a close second.

Used the frame from Paislee Press's Picture + Words 9 kit (awesome templates) + these gold geotags. The red LOVE heart is from BG's Capture chipboard set.

I used Liz's Picture + Words 9 template here. I'm not a huge lover of the 4x6 pocket but these templates make it easier for me to use. The yellow hearts on my numbers print is a nice insert for some wording and simple journaling.

My process has been pretty sparadic so far. I'm not following weeks or trying not to worry too much about exact dates.So far, so good!