birthday weekend

Turning 29 (+7) was pretty good. Great actually. I was pleasantly surprised by my loved ones who gifted me pretty things and sweet confections. My heart is certainly full.

Loving the Oh Joy for Target collection...had to nab the party hats and balloons for a little bday fun.

I shopped my heart out (within my means) and ate way too much but birthdays are meant for such indulgences, no? Shopping consisted of the art store and numerous thrift shops. It must have been my bday luck because I found some sweet treasures which included a midcentury dresser. I have been hunting down midcentury items for the past year with no such luck and I'm talking affordable midcentury here. Not the pieces you find in antique shops with outrageous price tags. It needs a little repair but for $40, it was a steal. I'll try to do a before and after photo.

The Mr and I spent an afternoon together sans the boy which we haven't done in a long while. It was so nice and we really need to make a point of doing this more often. I was most excited about stopping at an Estate sale on our way to pick Tyler up from his Aunt and Uncles (who he adores). The bright "George's Estate Sale" sign drew me in. "Let's go look at George's stuff!" I exclaimed.

It was strange to just walk in someones home and rummage through things but man, it was FUN. I mean, was such a high. You thrifters know of the high I speak of. And then you see that gem shining through the old books and ugly pieces of 80's furniture. There I found a metal shelving unit in a cutest shade of yellow. $2. To my left, and old US map. .50 cents. These things I see on Pinterest and in my thrifting dreams are now being carried by my husband and soon to be in my home. Sigh.

At this point, I'm amped on getting my office redone. I'm seeing peg boards, a new needs to act as my printing room as well so if you follow me on Pinterest, you may see an influx of office re-dos. Fair warning.

And I leave off with this quote which I happened to stumble upon a few days before by birthday. Really feeling it. (can't find the original source but here's the pin)