NSD weekend

I didn't really plan on partaking in any NSD activity due to my sickly state during the week. I felt it would be irresponsible of me to push other, more important things aside to scrapbook but why not indulge in some fun.

So I scrapbooked, in the corner of our living room floor while going about my day of chores and screen printing. (I'm so behind on printing)

I reached out to a friend for a little inspiration. We decided to base our NSD challenge a fun pin which was perfect since I was going through a box of small pieces of leftover items from past kits & things I've been holding onto...okay, hoarding.

I did some simple digital treatments to the neighboring photos and added a fun marbled and letter-pressed card using the new plate from the Adventure card topper set.

I'm so glad I actually did something. My IG feed was full of photos of makers, enjoying their day cutting up paper and printing photos. I fed off that energy and wanted to join in. Thank you for that.

Hope you had an lovely NSD weekend. :) Tina