a few notes.

*Hello, Hello, Studio Calico's June kit is now up for preview. The Project Life kit is a particular fave. *Reflecting on this past mother's day...man, I am so blessed. *Strong coffee got me through this week. *Still pulling the LLP paper pack together. The center is a little preview. *Coconut fruit bars, flip flops, picnic on the deck...spring has been so good to us this year.

happy weekend friends. xot

friday faves

A few things that inspired me this week. 1. I'm a fan of "where I stand" selfies. I really want to recreate this one with the map I just scored last week. (pin) 2. This one is really REALLY good. There's so many of us in the ultra competitive crafting world. Surely we need a little bit of that competitive spirit to light a fire under our asses. I'll be the first to admit that I am a competitive person, not so much to "beat" the other person(s) but rather to spark that energy to do my best within myself. But when it comes down to it, there's room for all of us. (pin) 3. Shanna Noel's PL spread for the Bluegrass reveal makes me rethink my whole game plan. (pin) 4. Pops of color on neutrals grays and muted whites. LOVE. This is what I've been trying to achieve in my own home for years. (pin)

Happy Friday ya'll! Tina




Something I keep telling myself this year. It's soooo hard but it has to be done. Let it go, move on. It's Friday and I'm shaking all those negative vibes off. Who wants that kind of sh*t for the weekend?

time: 7:55 am weather: windywarm (kind of nice to walk out in a hoodie). drinking: my first cup of joe. eating: nothing at the moment but I may whip up some heuvos rancheros after this post. thinking: of all the ideas I want to put into action for the LLP shop. It's slow going but I think it'll be worth it in the end. needing: a haircut. badly. loving: brush scripting. have you signed up for Kal's class yet? kind of obsessed at the moment. loathing: that this coffee is not helping.

happy weekend! xot

girl loves friday

Happiness today? Let's see. First, it's Friday. Gotta love that. Second, the sun is out and it's suppose to be like this all weekend. Third, I bought the first round of plants and I'm ready to get my hands dirty ( a Memorial Day tradition) Forth, New Paislee Press Press Plate in the shop. It'll be 20% off through the weekend. Better yet, it's free to Paislee Press Facebook fans.

Fifth, I just picked up a new Canon Selphy printer at a garage sale for $25. Couldn't pass that up.

Sixth, LifeLovePaper is having a sale too! All stamps are 10% off starting tomorrow through Monday (ends at midnight) coupon code is MAY2013. starts tomorrow 12pm eastern.

AND I've got several NEW digital releases that'll be in the shop tomorrow as well. Pretty excited about these.

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone! xot


girl loves friday

I finally put up the new stamps that were meant to be new back in March. : /  This is just a small sampling...new ones are in the making. Maybe they'll make an appearance in August? Haha...no, I'm going to be more present here thanks to the push you all gave me. I can't let my fear or the excuse of being busy stop me from doing this, right?  : )

Hoping to have some new screen prints up in the next week. Can't wait to get my hands dirty again. I moved my studio over the winter and never really got it sorted out so that has been a huge obstacle. Again, I can't let that get in the way.

Happy Friday + a huge Happy Mother's Day to you all.



Girl Loves Friday

Feeling quite rested after going to bed early last night. I don't remember the last time I've done that but man, I needed it. I'll have to make an effort to do this more often. What a novel idea, getting more sleep. Hmph.

Onto more creative matters. Falling a tad behind on PL (I swore I wasn't going to call it that but it is what it is) but not feeling pressured about it. Nope. It'll get done. One thing to help me stay on track in between is to do inserts on the fly. If I happen to get something pretty in the mail or some cute packaging, I'll just attached a label, date + journal. Here I was excited to use this cut design from the new Studio Calico release and being that I'm currently obsessed with my Lyra watercolors, it made it's way onto the card.

Oh and I also finally cut something other than regular ol' cardstock. I started with heavy watercolor paper. Did really well in the Silhouette, just make sure you adjust your setting accordingly.

The feathers are available in a 3x4 size and a a little larger for layouts. I plan on framing the larger one...it's just too pretty. And I love the popular Be Brave quote. Who doesn't need a little bravery motivation now and then?

Happy Friday everyone! Oh + before I sign off, I wanted to let you know the shop will be updated with a new digital release next week. Screen prints + stamps are stil in the works. I know, I know. It's been nice getting other projects done and I'M STILL TRYING TO PURGE AND CLEAN before I start in on printing again. I'm determined to get the entire house + garage cleaned and clutter free. I seriously cannot believe I held on to the sh*t I had stored in bins. WHY??? Do I need eyelets in every color....no. I will also be having an online garage sale as well in the near future. Lot's of rubber stamps and such. I'll keep you posted. : )




I love this so so much. It speaks volumes to me and it pretty much hits the target at what I want to accomplish with my blog.

I have been blessed this past year with creative friends. I can't tell you how helpful + inspiring it is to be able to talk/iMessage/Skype with other creatives in all fields from graphic + digital designers to photographers. To share ideas and goals with another who is trying to do same....it's empowering. It makes me feel like I can do this AND be successful.

I want to give this back to all of you. I will continue to have a monthly freebie such as the cut design I did for the New Year. I will feature more ideas and journaling prompts and revive CURRENTS. I will not only link with love but GIVE CREDIT WITH LOVE. I'm inspired on a daily basis from others and I want to make sure I share that with you.

I believe in quality over quantity so that steered me away from posting random crap here on a daily basis. But now that I have a focus, I'll be more present.

Happy Friday XOT

Girl Loves Friday & Fall

Love the idea of pairing a black maxi dress with neutral wrap. Just not sure if I can pull it off like a 6 foot model//Dipping fall leaves in wax....genius!

And something exciting (for me at least). A new Life.Love.Paper digital screen print release. Total labor of love...hand illustrated leaves, notebook paper and woodgrain with a a hint of texture to give that screen print feel. All the things I love the most. Just putting the final touches on them and will have them up for sale this weekend. If you're a subscriber to my newsletter, you'll be the first to know when it's released.

Happy Friday! XOT

weekend to dos

Hey! Just wanted to pop in to wish you all a happy weekend and jot down a few weekend to dos. Helps me get things done when they're printed out on my blog. This worked extremely well for me a few weekends ago. :)

*Finish editing my most recent Senior session. *Possibly attend birthday party.(pending sick toddler) *Get the digital shop ready for the September release!(love the cut files this month) *Finish a mini book I created with Central High. *Screen Print new designs.(oversized Ampersand + gold paint on chipboard = new obsession) *Update the Life.Love.Paper shop.(everything is just about sold out!) *Plan weekly menu, add new recipes. *Clean out closet, possibly buy a few items for fall. *Take Tyler to new park to watch dad shoot a few hoops.(pending sick dad) *Plan for numerous upcoming birthdays. *Handwrite a letter to my grandpa. *Get excited about Tyler's second fair visit!

Enjoy the weekend! xot

Weekend to dos

*Make crockpot rotisserie chicken for dinner. Embracing my crockpot more these days.* Watch this a few more times. Love the magic of the night sky. [vimeo 43797471 w=400 h=300]

*Frame this quote and read it often. *I might try the single serve deep dish chocolate chip cookie recipe. That was a mouthful. *I also might go thrifting, if I'm lucky. I'm on the hunt for some new material to screen print on. *Work with Studio Calico's September kit. I'm excited about this one. *Depending on the weather, we may go adventure hunting. *Coffee + cocoa date with my guys. *Give stinky dog a bath. *Work on shop update. (end of week sale!) *Possibly work on Project Life. Possibly. Even if it's planning pockets, it's a step up from being a complete fail. *Watch The Lorax. Again.

Enjoy the weekend. xot

girl still loves a friday

When I left my M-F office job, I wondered if I would still enjoy Fridays being that I wasn't clocking in everyday. The answer is yes, I still love Fridays very much. Friday still has that good vibe about it. And I still do "clock in" and go about a daily routine that involves taking care of Tyler and getting work done when I can.

Photography season is just around the corner and I'm in the process of giving my business outlook a freshening up. I've got that big even next week that will hopefully bring clients my way. But I'm still not in the market of being that photographer that takes on every shoot that I can get. Last year, I did things a little differently and it really opened my eyes to the business side which I still don't love but it's a must. I'm just going to go about my own way and it worked for me last year. I'm just going to step it up a tad this year. Not looking to be booked every weekend. Just enough to give me that creative release I need. :) I've also pinpointed what I love to shoot most and that's Seniors, children and maternity. I will no longer be doing family or wedding sessions. I find I work wayyyy better in a more calm situation than in a chaotic one.

Back to Friday. It's always nice to know that there's an official end to a week and that a new one is about to begin. I love a fresh start. Here's a few other things I love right now.

VSCO CAM app. -I love their ACR actions and use them quite often when I edit. Now they've released an app for the iPhone. I immediately downloaded it after receiving the email. Plus I just replaces my cracked out 3g phone with the 4s so that makes me even more happy about this app.

Pugly Pixel -She always puts such cool things on her blog and they're either totally free or cost very very little. Lot's of great tutorials too. I  just downloaded her newest frames. I didn't get a chance to fully customize  but still looks great as is.

This font.

Enjoy the weekend!

another giveaway and a salute to friday

Hey guys.I'm feeling kind of bad about my lack of personality here lately. I'm not about to turn this into a non-stop ad type blog. Maybe it's just that way because I haven't had anything interesting to write about. Sometimes I find it easier, actually most times I find it easier to express myself through photography. So if you're ever interested in what I'm up too, you can find me on Instagram. My handle is lifelovepaper. I don't tweet or facebook but I can Instagram like a nerdy mofo.

Oh, you know what....I do have something to write about. (it's getting dark and eyelids are droopy = getting forgetful, not that that's really an excuse for said forgetfulness)

I was emailed an interesting link this morning. It lead me to a prompt type of blog that has happily copied and used my Currents prompt as her own. Let me just say here and now that I do not own or have Currents copyrighted. How can I? I see it everywhere and that's great! I put it out there so it could be used. Some link back which, kudos to you. YOU TOTALLY GET IT. And others not so much but whatevs, I'm not the linking police. But to outright copy a product that I have produced and currently have for sale in my shop is not ok. REALLY? It pissed me off at first but then I let it go because I'm on to the next project anyhow, still Currents inspired but better. If you feel the need to copy something you saw on the internet because you don't posses the creative ability to produce something of your own, well...I can't stop you. Just know you're shameless and tacky for doing so.

On a positive note, I'm hosting a giveaway on the Studio Calico blog today. Check it out and leave a comment on their blog for a chance to win a set. :)

Lastly, I want to wish all you happy friday!


girl loves friday

I love super productive days like today. We got so much done and managed to get some good Tyler time in too. Sometimes I feel like it's either one or the other. I'm in the process of re-doing my craft room/office upstairs so I can separate myself from mommy mode for a few hours a day while I work. I think I read on A Cup of Jo that she does the same while a babysitter comes in to watch her son. Makes total sense. girl loves is simple today.

*lemons. brings a little sunshine to my counter top *snow geeks. *found: 2 packs of outdated Polaroid 690 film *grown up conversation + belly laughs *iMessage conversation with my lady friends. *snuggles with my man *dancing to Yogabagaba's STOP, HOLD STILLLLLL with my boy *knowing that I have a care package from my mom on the way (a box of Korean food/condiments. it cracks me up to see how she sends this stuff.) * getting the house ready for guest one giant step at a time. (mini bathroom demo, switching nursery/office rooms, scrubbing areas of the house I hardly ever touch. don't judge me, I hate cleaning) * proud that I made one of the finalists for the April cover of Lemonade and Lenses. (even though it's a long shot of winning, I'm up against some really well know photographers! Please go vote for #7!!) * keeping positive about Tyler's surgery next week. (it's the only way we can get through this)

I hope you all have a great weekend!!

girl loves friday

Thank you guys. Your support and kind words were needed. It's been a tough day and unfortunately, the outcome isn't what we wanted. Tyler's kidney is still dilated due to the reflux it's getting from the bladder. Testing was hard on him but I have to say the staff at the Children's Hospital at Providence is wonderful and so accommodating and patient. He even got to pick out a toy from the "treasure box" in radiology which was literally a big treasure box full of random toys. It was cute. This is what he was given which I really didn't think he would like but he clutched the box right away and played with it as soon as we got home.My tough little man. Happy Friday everyone.


girl loves friday

Well here we are. My very last day at work! Another thing I will not miss is my hand cramping from all the data entry. Or the sore back from slouching at my desk. Or the booty numbing I would get from sitting all day. Watching soaps + noshing on bonbons? More like morning Yoga classes, meet ups with friends, doctor apts, creative work and photo shoot with future model. Can't wait to get a move on with new path. Thanks for the lovely comments and emails guys! Onto girl loves.... *quote source* *pillow* *wall art*